Chase Joy 100 Ways

Enneagram and Working Relationships with Leah Matthews

May 12, 2020 Nicole Groenewald / Leah Matthews Season 1 Episode 10
Chase Joy 100 Ways
Enneagram and Working Relationships with Leah Matthews
Interview with Leah
Chase Joy 100 Ways
Enneagram and Working Relationships with Leah Matthews
May 12, 2020 Season 1 Episode 10
Nicole Groenewald / Leah Matthews

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spk_1:   0:00
depending on the day you could get type seven. Leah, type three. Leah Tight. Tuvia. So, you know, sometimes I'm type three time super achiever and super grow at, and sometimes I'm type seven and enthusiastic, and this project looks fun, and this project looks fun. So, you know, I know that when I'm in a type seven mode, she's probably type one trying to bring me back down. And then my initial reaction is if I feel like someone's taking away my freedom, I could be like, Wait a minute.

spk_0:   0:27
Why are you doing this right now? Oh, what? Chase Joy. 100 ways. You got it. Hey, I'm Nicole. When my son was diagnosed with half a heart, it was suggested that we have an abortion. I had a choice to spend the rest of my pregnancy sad and grieving the loss of the hopes for the future or fight for a more joyful life. No matter what happened, I chose to fight. That choice was so transformational that the journey continued. And now I want to inspire you, Teoh chase Joy on and to support you along that journey. So come along and join me to find out more about how you can chase joy 100 ways. Oh, I've got some good stuff for you today. Hey, I'm Nicole. We're doing a series right now on the any Graham, and it's a powerful tool to help you chase joy in your life. So far have been an overview of what it is, how it's helpful in marriage, in motherhood. And now today we're talking about how it's useful and working relationships. So let's just dive on in. Welcome to this episode of Authentic Sister Head. I am joined today by Leah, who owns to dance studio type based businesses, and she is in any Agrium 72 and three side. So I know a couple of you have asked questions about what if I multiple things so hopefully we can address that a little bit today. Um, thank you so much for joining me. Leah. Thanks for having me excited to talk to you. Yeah, I'm really excited. That shot our brief little shop before I got really excited about talking more eso I'm I have been talking with members on my team brother in Ingram types and excited to exp for more about how I can be a more effective leader by understanding their types, but also how I can also just work as a co worker well with, you know, in effective working relationships by knowing other people's types and opening those doors of communications. So I'm accepted, excited to explore that, say. But before we dive into all of that, could you just tell me a little bit about you? And, um, maybe a little bit of how you kids discovered any Graham?

spk_1:   2:51
Yeah, absolutely. So I am Leah. I live in Atlanta, Georgia, with my husband and two small Children. I own an on site dance on site dance business, said Space, not Lana. And we have Ah, we also have locations in Charleston, South Carolina. Athens, Georgia, and Chattanooga, Tennessee. And then I own a second business. I called that one, um, and that is basically curriculum based. So we create curriculums and do business consulting and coaching for other dance studios all over the world. And that one I co own with my business partner, Lauren, who is who is the person who introduced me to the ideograms. So that's kind of how I got into it because she got really into it and was talking about it and, you know, looking at it with her sisters and what not? And I thought, OK, maybe I need to figure out what this is. So that's

spk_0:   3:40
touch how I learned of it. It's infectious. Yeah, it is it. It's the any a gram. Great pandemic. Yes, eso. When we were chatting before, it sounded like this has been really profound for you. I'm in working with your different dance teachers and helping you learn to communicate well with them. And also it's been a great tool for them to communicate with each other as a team. So, um, are there any examples that I feel like learn best through stories and kind of grab on, especially with any Graham stuff? It could be a little sure hard sometimes to grab onto, like the knowledge of it. So I really want to dive into stories or any of these stories of like how they were cooperating as a team that that, like just knowing their Indian grammar, having that as a tool to pull out and understanding to the better stands out. Teoh.

spk_1:   4:31
Yes, so I think even more so than like the staff. I could say more like on a management level to where we kind of see it, and it helps us Mawr interact with the staff. Well, so, you know, let's just use the situation to where, in the past, there was a particular staff member who just kind of, like came across this combative

spk_0:   4:54
for lack of a

spk_1:   4:57
better word. Um, and it just seemed like, no matter what she said, she was always going to come back with a counter solution. And, you know, it used to kind of, like, great on me a little bit like I'm

spk_0:   5:09
trying to help you here. Why can't you just do what I'm saying

spk_1:   5:13
on then this year for training, we decided to all take the integrated any agreement test and use those results that are training session at the beginning of the year and come to find out she is a type eight, which you're probably laughing cause you probably knew that. I'm

spk_0:   5:29
saying that if I was getting

spk_1:   5:32
and you know, sometimes those people can just be more behind us a combative but you know, more opinionated and strong willed and, you know, more steadfast to their opinions, they want to challenge you. Okay? Weather today. And I think when you know that it kind of allows you to give that person a little bit of grace and know where they're coming from. And it's not necessarily that there not agreeing with you as an individual or as a boss or as a manager. They just truly don't know how to communicate another way, like that's who they are. And they're working through that. So, you know, having that kind of background knowledge to give them that grace. That benefit of the doubt has allowed me to have a lot more patients with certain people and where they're coming from.

spk_0:   6:22
Yeah, and I think what's really interesting is that whole concept of like there's that unhealthy or stressed out version of a number. And then there's the growing, thriving, blossoming version of a number. So as a manager, or like a supervisor, you know, in that kind of role of like a authority, I guess you could say does it also affords you the opportunity to speak into like, hey, look years In some ways that, like you could grow into like this, is like to cast a vision of like, this is what I want for you. Have you been able to have any of those kinds of conversations? I mean, yes and

spk_1:   6:59
no, not too much into what? We just started it this year because our first year of kind of doing it, and then we really only got, you know, five months in there so that our house, before we had a global pandemic and who but we definitely did like our overarching goal is to do more about, like, more individualized attention of how Teoh improve individually how to improve as a team. And we were doing like annual check ins midway through the year. So we did all of this in August, which is when are your starts with the school calendar? And then between the months of October and in the February we were starting to do her annual check ins, and a lot of that is when we were kind of sitting down with the teachers one on one and asking them what their goals were. You know what's working well for them this year and what's not working well on how we can support them? You know what their goals immediately within the company without of the company, you know, learning and what not. I think that's where this can come into play more. It's because if you know their type and what their challenges are and what their strengths are, you can speak to those in that meeting and say, Hey, these are the things I really think you're doing. Well, you know, I hear you saying that, Um, this is a made up example. This is not one I see. You see, any of them were listening. You want to go to grad school, But you know, you're an enthusiast, and you're you're also, like, you know, bartending over here and working for us and doing this. And this may be, you know, you should take a little bit of time off and study for your g r e or, you know, whatever. I don't completely made up. But you knew those things you could say. OK, maybe this is a way that I could could help steer you and another direction. Yeah,

spk_0:   8:45
um, it sounds like a great place to work in that you are so invested in your sash thing. I love that. Um So how about in your life and your like communication with your other business partners and things. Have there been any, um, times where it helped you better understand where someone was coming from or helped you understand why you were reacting in a way that was not necessarily helpful or something?

spk_1:   9:15
Yes, so Lauren and I, who on the second business together very similar in a lot of ways. But we could also be very, very different. A lot of ways, and she's a type one. So she is. She's much more like organized to the point, like controlling of a situation, that sort of thing. And depending on depending on the day, you could get type seven Leah Type three Leah Tight Tuvia. So you know, sometimes I'm type three and I'm super achiever and super grow at. And sometimes I'm type seven and enthusiastic, and this project looks fun and this project looks fun. So, you know, I know that when I'm in a type seven mode, she's probably type one trying to bring me back down. And then my initial reaction is if I feel like someone's taking away my freedom, I could be like, Wait a minute,

spk_0:   10:05
Why are you doing

spk_1:   10:05
this right now? Um, so we definitely have learned how to crowd of used our strengths to kind of help one another and are opposites to help one another. But then also, we know the things that we both are very committed to and are very similar. And our personality types and one of those is like we both are going to do whatever it takes to get the job done. You know, my way might look one way and her way might look another way, but at the end of the day, we're both going to make sure that we're meeting deadlines and we're doing exactly what we need to do. So I mean, that's been good. And we work really well together. I definitely you know, do you see? It's just very interesting when you are working with people like, for example, not that situation. But, um, a type A could say something to me, and it comes off as controlling to me, which causes me to put up my guard because I feel like you're taking away my freedom, my freedom. Yeah, so it's just it's really interesting. And then, like the other things of the other personality types I find. Sometimes I think it's to that is this that we can kind of become martyrs a little bit, And I can certainly feel that if I have to go out and teach classes for someone because they want to go perform for three weeks in a row, I can very much get in like such a martyr and having to run out and teach these classes. And I'm just so underappreciated, you know, I don't tell them that. But believe me and tell my husband so I I can see that myself and then with the type three, Um, I've very my husband tells us all the time. I can be very hard to keep up with, like, but alcoholic. Yes, I have this schedule to go at this time in this at this time, and I'm doing this not doing that. And he's like, Who could keep up with you? You know it. No one can. So you know, I can see the the weaknesses I have in each part and how that relates to me being a leader. Um, but then you know, also figuring out the strength of each type and and how to play upon those, I guess. Yeah. So

spk_0:   12:24
I know I've actually had several questions as we've been talking about the any Graham on social media with my crew, um, about how how how to type and how Teoh really come to terms with, Like, am I in denial? Is this really me? Is the test accurate? We've talked about, um a narry it narrative type typing were listening and kind of seeing who gravitate towards and testing and kind of maybe a combination of the two is useful. Eso I'm curious how you came to decide that you were for sure. All three types. Um and how, like kind of how how you decided that And what that Jordan has looked like a little bit for you.

spk_1:   13:05
So I did the test. That was when Lauren was talking about like, I'm just gonna google this. I saw the test. I bought a code to get that day on my in laws couch and, uh, did it and read the results. And it was I think it was like 23 points for type 7 23 for type two and 23 for type three and It was like Bam, bam, bam Even tied. That's been saying, Yeah, like 100% even. And I just started reading through all the types because Lauren had said, Oh, they'll be one that you gravitate towards more. And I just felt like each one was looking in the mirror because you, even when I was reading the bad parts, I was like East. Yeah. Yes, me a little bit. And we were going over it with my husband. Hasn't taken it yet. I need to get him to do it. When I was reading him the stuff he was dying, laughing, like for each one. He was like FIFA. Yeah, that's you. So I just kind of felt like there there wasn't a situation where I read any of them and like,

spk_0:   14:08
that doesn't really fit. So you did a combination of the two took the test, and then you guys through kind of the narrative types descriptors and felt like you identify with all of them and just kind of said Okay, I'm all for it.

spk_1:   14:19
Yeah, yes. And that I know, For instance, Lauren, she identifies with the type one, and she I think she had done a free test. Maybe a red. And look, Maybe she wrote a book and determined she was type one. But when we did the testing first Diogo she was a touch 60 interesting. And right below that type one, I mean, it wasn't. Yeah, a few points down. It wasn't too far down, but she still said, I think I'm a one, but I think there can be some

spk_0:   14:51
over a mine and pictures. There's an arrow between a one and a six. I'm pulling it up early. Quick to see. Yeah, I know there's not. Yes, a tow one of the seven or one in a four, but not to a sex. So yeah, that's interesting. So I'm gonna be, like, a secondary her interesting.

spk_1:   15:11
So Yeah, so that's even though with the touchy to with us was definitely the six. She still feels like she's a one, and that's who she is.

spk_0:   15:22
And Italy, That's where the validity of like, going back through the narratives and kind of reading through to see what strikes with you. What are you, a four? Is that right? Yeah, yeah. Before, But actually, I did, like, recently take a different estimates that it was a seven, and there's definitely some things that I resonate with about it, but I think I'm more of a four than I am a seven. But I think when I am, I'm in a good place. I have seven tendencies, even though like force don't necessarily pull into seven. But when I'm in a bad place, I'm definitely nothing. Nothing through the Southern, um, so one of the things that I have found really interesting in talking with different people as they explore the any Graham is there's often something about their type that maybe they carried shame about them feeling like there's something broken or wrong with them, and then when they realize like, Oh, this is actually like a normal human experience And this is part like part of just being human is part of just my personality type, and I'm not alone in this, like, Ah, lot of people carry this, too. Was there anything like that for you? That was just kind of that release or freedom of like I could drop the shame because this is normal.

spk_1:   16:40
Yes, so there was actually and going back to the whole like types there was one in each type that I felt that way. That So that's why I'm telling you like I really felt like even the ugly hearts. I was like, Oh, gosh, that just hits hits home in one of those Because I was kind of reading back through it a little bit earlier today and, um, it did hit home a little bit of like feelings of inadequacy like I'm not good enough. And it's funny because it says on yet the facade No one would ever guess that about me. Yeah, but I definitely feel it underneath. I

spk_0:   17:17
mean, you run two businesses, so you know, it's always like, Why should these people

spk_1:   17:24
listen to me? Or I have to call this angry person and they're they're going to think I'm gonna pop a little bit of like that imposter syndrome, you know, about much. And that really does resonate. And I think that can also be anyone not necessarily a type, but it is. I think it was the type to that that, um, was underneath. Or maybe this type three I can't like

spk_0:   17:44
that would be free. I think it is a three resident after them a four wing three. So yeah,

spk_1:   17:50
um, you know, feeling like you always have to achieve and and things are a certain way. But they never feeling like you're Kwai there. Yeah, um and I feel like, you know, being 7 to 3, it's kind of like a perfect storm because of seven is like the enthusiast. I want to be optimistic. I want everything to be good. And I'm here to go on the Tuesday I want to help everyone and I want to save the world and then the threes, like I want to be the best of the best and have the best kids birthday party her best and have the cleanest house. My house is not clean inside of it. Oh, I hadn t really about that. But you know, it's just you feel all those things, and then that's kind of where it it comes out for me a lot. The most is just feeling, um, unworthy and not good enough. I guess

spk_0:   18:37
so what kind of interesting to me just kind of like digesting that is, as an entrepreneur, like, I feel like those three types give you all like the best things to be amazing at an entrepreneur because a helper like it's going to create like a business that's really helpful. But as an achiever, like you're gonna be, like doing the best that you can possibly dio. And then the enthusiast like you're gonna, like, rally people around you to come like, do this new thing. And eso like you have all the best things. But then also, like the worst parts of all of those qualities kind of would keep you stuck in your head. And so, like, as you're starting these businesses, they're kind of like a war inside your heart. Of all of those like insecurities fighting against you going like the best and the worst, like fighting against each other.

spk_1:   19:22
I Well, I'm gonna say this and will be a absolute known fact. But on the average, I have three people read most emails that I said no like day to day emails. I'm not saying like if I were when I emailed you, there's no reason for that, but a situation to wear like I have to. I have an angry customer, which we Luckily, we do not get that money. We have over 1000 parents, and I'll say every year we get, like, three who were just kind of, you know, which,

spk_0:   19:52
like for the community is probably I mean, if dance moms is any kind of realistic. Yeah, like explanation of the dance community. I feel like that's really good that you only have three months.

spk_1:   20:05
It's left some different. I keep tracking. I'm like we have less than 1% angry people right now. This is amazing. I have to write back a mom because it's usually something ridiculous. And it's not our fault. And I'm not Yes, the

spk_0:   20:19
color taking their stress out on you. But it's not only about that

spk_1:   20:21
day, yes, and I I'm not going to take I'm not gonna I will take responsibility for anything. I'd be wrong or anything my staff does wrong. But if you come at me about something, rest after I did that we didn't do It is our fault. I'm also not just gonna bow down and be like,

spk_0:   20:38
Oh, you're right. I'm

spk_1:   20:38
so sorry. No, we didn't do that. Like what you talking about? So I always have, like, three different people. Read the email before I send it to the parent cause I want to make sure, you know, they're not going to think. I mean, they're not going to think I overreacted. I want to make sure it's professional. And I think that's a little a It can be good business sense just to make sure that you know you're doing the right thing. But also, it's probably a little bit of that insecurity where I'm kind of like, Well, am I being professional, you know, Is this first I'm not gonna like me. So, um, yeah, that's an example that I definitely see and like, you know, same goes for rep remaining staff. Like if I have to send an email to a staff member, just the worst. The worst 100%. I can guarantee you three people have read that evil. So when they come back and say that I was like an awful person, I'm kind of like, Well,

spk_0:   21:33
I'll let through people re 30 mile before estimate to you, and none of them told me it was all I don't say that, but in my you know,

spk_1:   21:39
it helps me be a little more like

spk_0:   21:41
I think you're probably just taking it personally because you below the Huns. It? Yeah, because

spk_1:   21:47
I'm hoping that one of those three people would have told me to slow my roll, and I know they would. I know they would, because you chose those three, my husband, and he'll be like, Whoa, whoa, whoa. Killer

spk_0:   22:01
Osem, What's been the most helpful thing about integrating? Um, like the Inning Graham as a tool with your staff, Um, in helping them communicate amongst each other and for you to communicate and just even for them to understand, Like how they work and think, What's what's been the most helpful thing that you've seen so far?

spk_1:   22:24
So I think first and foremost, you know, we noticed we we dio, um, annual meeting every year, and we try to make it fun like a lot of times will go to a lake retreat like, we'll go away for the weekend and stay at a lake and do that. And then we do a recital meeting the year just to kind of have to check ins throughout the year where everyone is in the room. You know, we do other smaller meetings throughout the year, but they're not mandatory. But these two, like all hands on deck, and I kind of noticed that every year it was like us regurgitating the same information and it never sticking right. What? Six to the people who had six, too. But those are the people who have been here for three years. Five

spk_0:   23:07
really need the information that you were

spk_1:   23:08
counting it. Yeah, So this year I thought, You

spk_0:   23:12
know what?

spk_1:   23:12
Let's do something different. Let's make it a little more about professional development and the person you know, so how we can help them and what we can do for them. And then throughout the year and on individual, we also have on voting lead ings with new staff. That's where we'll hone in policy policy policy procedure, this system and so kind of shifting the gear to make it more personal and professional, I think really kind of boost of the morale. So that was the first thing in the any agree on was what we lead with. And then we also this is my type seven coming out because we also started. It's where they had to identify one person that was opposite of them and be like buddies, quote unquote throughout the year. So where they could bounce ideas off of each other. So if they were having a behavior issue in class in your A type seven, maybe ask a type five how they would handle it, because the way they would handle it with their students would be different. And it might just give you inside that. Could you improve your teaching style? Now? I'm not. This is where the like I said, the type sevens coming in because I haven't been following up to make sure they're doing that,

spk_0:   24:25
which is there except Otsuki.

spk_1:   24:27
But again, next year, hopefully when we were working out more of the King's, it'll be a little more streamlined and we'll have our procedures and our check ins glued or not glued in. But pencil then And, um, I think so. You know, just from what I've heard, a couple of people say it's kind of force them to see their strength as a teacher. So, like a helper knows her strength in the classroom, as this is an example that one gave me. She knows she's carrying and compassionate, and she wants what's best for her students. However, her weaknesses. She also wants to students to like her. So sometimes she could be a little bit not a not a doormats, Not the right word. But, you know, a little more passive where sometimes you have to control the classroom to show that, like you are the leader. So she with little kids because they and run over Do you think they can get an inch? And then for me, I think the best thing has been like you are saying, you know, the positives and the negatives, Really, knowing where my shortcomings are already knew them because being the achiever, I beat myself up a lot regardless. So I knew my shortcomings. But now that I know they're my type and I know what they are. And I know how that relates to business. And I know what I could work on. I think it really helps. Kind of analyze, like, Okay, you know, you didn't communicate this well. You need to figure out like this was on you go back and apologize and say, Hey, sorry. If that didn't make sense versus blaming the other person because they didn't understand what I said when maybe it wasn't 100% clear so No, just really knowing your limitations. But then also knowing your strengths and playing up on those. So again, going back to my types. I'm enthusiast, helper and achiever. I very much like the big picture. I like getting exciting like exciting stuff, like riling people up. I like doing the work myself. I don't really necessarily think that I am a good quote unquote Data day manager. Does that make sense? Like I'm not a micromanager? I'm not going to check in with you every day. See if you did what you were supposed to, dio. Because I want you to do the best that you can do. Not what I'm telling you to do. One of my staff, her favorite things. Things like I give you enough rope to hang yourself basically because you like, I trust you. Go do this. And I'm gonna trust you until you show me something wrong, Margo. So no. Into the same way. Yeah, I just don't like that. I don't like to be managed that way. Like I want to know that I have the freedom to do what I wanted to. I

spk_0:   27:20
want to release you into your creativity and and you thrive were supposed to be. Yeah,

spk_1:   27:25
yes, but see, that's why. Maybe it's better to have someone who is a little more like that working underneath you that handles the people. Yeah. So, for instance, like our office manager, Arum, excuse me Officers were heard titles, operations manager and then our director of dancing development one of them, or deals with, like parents and dealing with teachers and their roles and, you know, taking time off. Those were things. And she's a very organized and follows up and makes notes, and then the other one is dealing with, like the curriculum in the classroom ideas and making sure the teachers were supported. And she's also really good at following up like, Hey, I didn't get your report this week that you have that. So having those people in place to do that yeah, is another thing that I kind of have to say. You

spk_0:   28:16
know what? You

spk_1:   28:16
all are better for that, and I'm better to do like the annual check in our

spk_0:   28:21
let's have a Friday happy

spk_1:   28:22
hour at three, just to see how everyone's doing and coming up with the big idea and doing the sales and all of that,

spk_0:   28:28
So Yeah. Awesome. Um, so I know we have a fair amount of people that listen and are involved in my inauthentic sisterhood that, um, are leaders of network marketing teams or maybe have businesses that are a little bit more traditional, like ours. Um, so I feel like there's probably several who are like, OK, I want some Resource is so that I can integrate this with my team. So do you have books? Podcasts? Um what, like in the process of, like, introducing this to a team and kind of stepping in that leadership role with this, any resources to suggest,

spk_1:   29:08
you know, embarrassingly no, I basically I, um I went through the any agreements to two. Okay, That's where we did our testing through. And we did. Um, like, did you have you ever used their test? Um, I have another test,

spk_0:   29:23
but I have going to re sources and, like, read through the types and was actually one of my sources. Previous episodes I went through and explains the different types.

spk_1:   29:34
OK, so, yes. I mean, I definitely using this resource to go through that, but when you take a test they actually send you? Um, I mean, some of them are long, Like if you have your three types like me, I think it was like a 30 page packet. Goodness. So and then I'm looking at one of the other ones who was just one type. And Hearst was 22 pages. So and then she has this, like, her second highest tour. So they usually give you, like, two or three just to kind of go through. So we used to those packets with our staff, and that's what we kind of did. It was very individualized. So

spk_0:   30:09
did you have them take the test before they came to the redress? Okay, so what? They're packets ready for them? Exactly. So

spk_1:   30:15
that's what we did, is we? We bought the links, sent the links out and said, You have to complete it by this day. And then we printed out the packets, and it was with all their other materials, and we did exactly what you're saying. Brief overview of all the types and the strengths and the weaknesses. And, you know, everyone got to re bears. We went around and talked about, like, the way different ones could work together. So I did research prior to that about the types and strengths and weaknesses and how they could work together. And this is the achiever in me. I went and did my own thing and made my own packet of, like, different personality types that could be going the classroom and then other other ways. Different personality types could be weaknesses in the classroom. We talked about those beyond that. Like I didn't suggest any kind of podcasts or books for them. But I know that by business, partner has tons of books.

spk_0:   31:06
A Cem? Um, yeah. There's a lot of, like, different means or graphics going around Instagram right now talking about how the different types air, like handling the stay at home orders and things like that. So, yeah, I I like that. You kind of like broke it down. It's like as a dance teacher. This is how you might be. Yeah. Responding. So you have that? Yeah. Really interesting.

spk_1:   31:26
Yeah. And I you know, I have I have been meaning to read more books about the anagram on my own, but I have probably like you and a lot of other entrepreneurs. I have, like, an ongoing list of, like, 30 books that I'm so history, you know, and some of them I'm like, going back from years that I've been meaning to read. So that's the whole

spk_0:   31:45
enthusiasts thing of like, I want to read all the books, But then, yes, they reading any of them. Yeah, I actually do. So I may be like, Oh, that's each other. Yeah. Yeah, I read

spk_1:   31:57
a lot for sure, but I usually kind of balance it like I try to do one business related book, and when I'm finished with that, I do one just personal book that's not necessarily anything. Do his business. And then I kind of circle back and go back and forth because I find, like, you also need to just read for enjoyment.

spk_0:   32:16
Yes. You know, when you burn out. Yeah.

spk_1:   32:19
And then, you know, this year I've been focusing more of my business reading on, like, scaling and system ization and financials, you know, trying to get, um, all that in order. And so the angiogram ones keep getting down. Happened by,

spk_0:   32:41
um So was there anything else you wanted to share before we wrap it? You know,

spk_1:   32:48
um, I think really, just the thing that I could say is, if you're not super familiar with any a gram and you are thinking about it, especially from a business perspective, you know there's tons of Faried Resource is on the Internet, like you've said, and that's where I've looked at a lot of it. And then I really do enjoy the integrate institutes test, and then they also have additional links of resource is and just getting in there and kind of learning a little bit about yourself. And then even from there, you know, you can figure out an area of weakness that you have and then read a professional book that would help you with that, right? So that's also kind of what I did a little bit, And I do think it's made a difference since I was first introduced to it last July. So what, This 19 months? So it's it's been really it's been helpful. It's been a good tool and I think that, you know, any entrepreneur should probably look into it. I've even considered like asking people what their Integrion type is and interviews, but I don't know how

spk_0:   33:47
people received that. Who are there? Laws about right hiring someone based on their any graham type. But, you know, in

spk_1:   33:58
Japan, they actually ask you your blood type. So you put your using Yeah, you put your blood type on your resume, and they actually will hire you a lot of the time based on your blood type. So blood types are really interesting to me to you and they say a lot about, like, personalities and different various health conditions and how you should eat and what not. So I'm also studied someone that which is interesting yourself.

spk_0:   34:21
Yeah. Super interesting. Yeah. Thank you so much, Lee. I thank you for taking time, and it was so great to talk. Yeah, I am really excited. Teoh integrate this poor in with my team and to hear feedback from everyone else's. They start to integrate this with their teams and how it's helpful. So yeah, thanks for your time. And we'll share links in the description of how you can get connected with Leah if you have more questions for her.

spk_1:   34:47
Awesome. Thanks for having me. I enjoyed it.

spk_0:   34:49
Wow. Thean Ingram is so oversell. I'm really excited to start utilizing this with my Chase Joy team, but also little known fun fact. I also have a network marketing business, and I think this will be really useful in my interactions with my team. And as I'm prospecting the people for my team helped me better understand how I can help people. I understand, not process. And I know a lot of you are in that space to so hopefully you can find this to be useful for you to build your business to having his conversations about the Indian Graham been inspirational to you To chase joy and since to keep relationships in your life I'd love to hear about it. Come find me on Instagram and tell me all about it at Chase Joy 100 ways you can find all the resources and links to Mawr Resource is on the description of this episode Thanks again for listening and until next time go chase, Enjoy

Interview with Leah