Chase Joy 100 Ways

Academy Sneak Peek Part 3 of 3

April 13, 2020 Nicole Groenewald / Kaleigh Abernathy / Chef Sierra Luther Season 1 Episode 4
Chase Joy 100 Ways
Academy Sneak Peek Part 3 of 3
The Mini Work Smarter not Harder Gardening Course
Mealtime Made Easy
Chase Joy 100 Ways
Academy Sneak Peek Part 3 of 3
Apr 13, 2020 Season 1 Episode 4
Nicole Groenewald / Kaleigh Abernathy / Chef Sierra Luther

We're doing a series right now where we're exploring the different courses currently available in the academy. If you're listening at a later date these exact courses may not be available still, but this will give you an idea of the kinds of courses available.

This episode we're hanging out with Kaleigh chatting about her course "The work Smarter not Harder Mini Gardening Course." In the second portion of this episode, we're chatting with Chef Sierra Luther,  chatting about her course, "Mealtime Made Easy."

You can check out all the courses available on the Academy here.

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We're doing a series right now where we're exploring the different courses currently available in the academy. If you're listening at a later date these exact courses may not be available still, but this will give you an idea of the kinds of courses available.

This episode we're hanging out with Kaleigh chatting about her course "The work Smarter not Harder Mini Gardening Course." In the second portion of this episode, we're chatting with Chef Sierra Luther,  chatting about her course, "Mealtime Made Easy."

You can check out all the courses available on the Academy here.

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spk_0:   0:06
welcome to the authentic sisterhood podcast. Michael is inspiring to chase joy. No matter the difficulties you face in life through self discovery, personal growth and finding community in connection, you too can become a joy chaser. I'm your host, Nicole. Welcome to the sister. Welcome, Thio. The third episode in our series about the authentic Sisterhood Academy. We are gonna be talking today with Kaylie about her course. The many work smarter, not harder gardening course. And I definitely need a GERD in the summer to help save on groceries. So I'm super excited about this course, and then we'll be talking with Sierra about her course meal. Time made easy, which mealtimes Super stresses neo around here. So I'm super excited about this course as well. Eso Let's jump on

spk_1:   1:05
in. Okay, I am very excited about this course that I'm about to introduce to you. I am, like, registered for already, cause I'm so excited about this course. So I'm not Legler with my glasses. My contacts decided that allergies were not okay. Uh, okay, So I'm gonna introduce you to Kaylie, and we're gonna talk about her course. The many work smarter, not harder gardening course Hey, Kaylee. Hey. Yes, I'm excited because I have a black thumb. I am really gonna killing everything. And I, like one of my like, life dreams is to have a bunch to garden and grow my own food. So, uh, my husband makes jokes that we have a cemetery for all the plants that I had killed. Um, so he's like, Yeah, you need her to work. Oh, so that we first exit, I keep typing it the work harder. Not smarter. Course. So I thought about that, but

spk_2:   2:09
that myself put on That's not right.

spk_1:   2:11
Yeah. Smarter. Yeah. Okay, so tell us a little bit about yourself. Um, how you came to be, Um, just, like, so knowledgeable about gardening and just a little bit about who you are.

spk_2:   2:25
Well, 15 years ago, I married my high school sweetheart and oh, Weyburn dating. We have planned. He was killed in our house. We had planned. We're him. Build it, sell it, and have money to viral homestead and try to grow as much food as possible so that he could work from help. You know, it's a big Spence. I don't know about y'all, but for us, that's like our biggest feel that we have is trying to help the harbor three Bill. And so that was her dream. Life happens. Uh, pregnancies, morning sickness, newborn babies. All these things. It makes gardening difficult. Uh, housing market crash and losing your whole. You know, all these things that happen in life that makes all this stuff difficult. And so each through these challenges, I don't wanna get up. It's It's something that was very, very deep in May. I also had worked in high school, and a horticultural center is a little, but that was really, really important to me. That's my happy place, even though there's lots of challenges and there are lots of challenges when you go to Gro Bark. And so I just took Dick and I kept researching and trying to things, and then this time went on. I ended up being really, really sick. I had a baby and I had a spirit can rich, and that messed me up. Um, it may be very leak, but that open the door where we could say I had a chronic illness, though he didn't know that I have been fighting for at least several years. So that was almost cool getting out the selling and doing, you know, all the hard work, even harder being chronically sick. And, you know, I started listing Push to try to find better, better methods. And I have found benefits that pretty much anybody can do. And they're gonna not just give you a good guard, but give you a healthy garden that's nourishing to your body and your soul. And so that's my goal is to eternity to be all how to help the all around. And if you placed on a walk and go enjoy the and that you're happy t spot and set up going out there Oh, there's this and there's that. There's these beans. There's these bugs and not want to be there. I wanted to be a happy place, but something that pretty much everybody

spk_1:   4:29
gives me chills. I'm so excited for this. This is like sweeping to my soul. Awesome. Um, so is this course, like, really just for someone who's like, I never really successfully gardens or like, who would really benefit from this

spk_2:   4:46
course you're in movie. This is perfect because you'll get my 15 years of ales and triumphs put together. And you don't have to go through all that yourself. If you are burning just a typical normal till of your garden. Find all this stuff in the summer. You're tired of the heat in the weeds and the bugs. And he just went like some smarter methods is for you, too. So whether you've been running all your life and it's just tough or your brand new have no idea what the world you're doing. This is for

spk_1:   5:13
you. Awesome. Okay, um, and my guess would be that there is going to be a dramatic uptick in people wanting to garden because they're stuck at home. This story and so great time to start a garden. I

spk_2:   5:28
know about the Victory Gardens. It's like this is the year. Yeah, if you're missing too, 234 weeks of work is gonna mess you up, you know? And this will be a year to really be able to play in your garden, help your grocery bill out for the summer, and, uh, I don't know that.

spk_1:   5:45
Yeah, and not have to worry about running out to the grocery store to grab some more spinach or grab you know some of those more vegetables that things just don't keep at home to people. Just grow them that huge and honestly, like, that's been the big thing that I'm like. I have to figure this out, because if I could learn how to grow like five things in my, like, little backyard that I have in our town house, I'd probably save, like, 50 to $100 a month just by growing those five things. So

spk_2:   6:12
you probably have a lot more than match,

spk_1:   6:14
actually. Well, because we could probably also grow more than those five things. But like, if we could just grow those five things, it would save a significant amount of money, though. Good. Oh, I was just gonna say it. I'm personally very excited. A name? I think that, like everyone watching, should sign up for this because everyone should have a garden. But I feel like maybe we might be biased. Well, we

spk_2:   6:38
have one summer. I was I was like, Okay, we're gonna eat out of our garden as much as possible. I don't care for sick the squash. We're gonna get it if you try to save on the Yoshiko and So at that time, we were spending in about $750 a month on groceries out family five trying to eat organic. And so I was able to drop that. I dropped it to $200 a month. But you get out of our garden and we had goats. So I had goat milk and I was making my own cheese and I was making my overheads that $200 fine like our bolt grade. And we have a peanut I used to fart allergic to peanuts and peanut, that vixen so we could have peanut butter smoothies every day. Sound guy like 16 jars, Organic Better says Really expected. So that raw honey, those were like the only three things that we were buying a month and everything else was coming out garden or coming from our goats and builder and cheese and wow and uh, anyway, so I was also, you know, we'll do store up Thanks, but the main things were getting it was our greens or lettuce, and, uh, you spend it on all those things. But even just our squash, tomatoes, beings and cucumbers just growing those things which we might have things too. But those were my fault of I'm getting literally anywhere from 10 to £30 a day of cucumbers, 10 to £30 a day of squash. And so you're kind of squashed high instead of pumpkin pie, which, actually I like better squash bread instead of zucchini bread, fried squash, squash in your store, right? You know, as many ways as we can get it. And, uh, by the next summer, my husband like, I'm not ready for school today. A lot, a lot, A lot of money. And you don't have to have that many plans if you do it right. So that's what I want to get people to do is how to do it. Right?

spk_1:   8:22
Awesome. Well, I'm super excited on, and then we're also playing a game. If you are watching all the lives this week about the different courses, you get entered for each live you watch, you entered into a raffle to win a price and the price tag. So today, Kaylie has our random question to prove that you watch this live. What's your question, Kaylie,

spk_2:   8:47
But vegetable. Do you think it's a Croesus?

spk_1:   8:51
Okay, so I'm just gonna answer this one cause I feel compelled to eggplant. I can't handle eggplant, but also there with that

spk_2:   9:00
Is it because it's better

spk_1:   9:02
the texture, like they're rubbery texture A candle, eh? Um but I also I guess, technically also can't D'oh fennel. But it's not necessary because I have a taste Revulsion to it. My body like I like projectile vomit. I'm allergic to it like, well, bad. So, yeah, I juiced it. One prominent like, Oh, this is so good. And then, like five seconds later, I was like, I've never been so sick in my life. We owe that one then. So what's the vegetable that you can't stand?

spk_2:   9:35
I used to cannot stand avocados, and I used to cannot stand okra. Um, I've got to where I started. E I don't even know. Ever try toe It just looked to me like snot. And so, Seo, I got healthy minded and I started that really, really liked it. Um, okra I can handle now. Little bit vis the texture. I'm really texture oriented. I don't care about the texture, but

spk_1:   10:01
I like the league hold. That's the one. We all do it. It's pickled. Yeah,

spk_2:   10:08
my husband's family. They like pickled okra. Not like that. But really, I don't really Now have a vegetable is just like that is disgusting anymore. I guess Ochoa is like, the worst. Everything else I'm like if you cook it right, Yeah. If it's got all its to her home, bro. Not plan Watery. It's good stuff. So Italian now.

spk_1:   10:30
Awesome. Well, thank you so much. Um, I'm gonna attach the link to the description on this video If you want to sign up for her, um, work smarter, not harder. Gardening cores, Um, and not the other way around, huh? Are what's the link here in just a second. So hang on for, like, five minutes, and I'll attach the link and we'll get you guys set up. And I am so excited. Oh, I didn't ask you. What's the start date? Do you want it, sir? On the first? Yeah, that sounds good. So make sure you sign up if you're ready to take this course. Thanks, Kaylie. All right. Thank you. All right. All right. Thanks, guys. So I'm gonna attach the link to the course right now. Um, I can't wait to see you in this course with me. You can see my gardening fails because I'm sure I'm gonna be a post saying how much I'm killing things. But maybe Kaylee will prove me wrong. All right. Thanks, guys. Bye. Hey, I was coming at you with some Saturday hair going on here. Um s O today I'm chatting with Sierra, and she is going to tell us all about how she could make mealtime easier. This is one of my biggest stressors has been since before quarantine life. But now is even more so. So I'm really excited about chatting with Sierra about how she could help simplify my personal mealtime chaos, but also how she could help you to, um her course is in the academy, and she's gonna tell us all about it. And I'm so excited. So let's bring on Sierra. Hey, Bye, guys. So tell me first a little bit about you. Let let us get to know you a little

spk_2:   12:05
bit. Okay? So I am 33. Not that you need to know. I work full time outside the home in transportation. So it's been super crazy for us in the middle of the quarantine. I do still have to work, so it's been a little bit just psychotic. Um, I have a four year old. I have been married for 12 years and, um, I went to culinary school a handful of years ago. I actually work for baking and pastry, but I also have a pretty good cook. I had to take a cooking class or two while I was there, but, uh, yeah, it's just I love cooking and baking. I love to entertain. And so I just wanted Thio do something career wise that would allow me to do it within my own schedule. So, yeah, I said, we are

spk_1:   12:55
also I'm so excited. And I like I We've been friends for a little while. So watching you kind of develop like what this would look like because we were kind of forming these ideas to get at the same time, I'm trying to figure out, like the madness at the same time. So it's been really fun to watch you grow and development, figure out what you're doing. Um, I'm really excited about what you're doing. So it's a so cool. Um, so tell me a little bit about the course that you put together here.

spk_2:   13:21
Okay, So the course that I put together is really all about helping, um, families. I mean, my heart really is for, like, moms and working moms, specifically, just because that's what I am. But it can help anybody if you're a stay at home. Mom, if you're a single mom, if you're a single dad, um, you know, Or if you are the dad and you do the cooking, like, by all means this can this gonna help whoever like, if you eat it can help you. So, um, you know, I just wanted to not be such a chore, because I feel like a lot of times we get stuck in the day to day and teacups so overwhelming Sometimes, too. I have to just make dinner every night. You just like I just come home and relax. Like I don't want to cook dinner. I don't want to take care of little people like I love you, but can you please feed yourself? Oh,

spk_1:   14:07
I kind of have these days where I'm just like, Hey, mom, what's for dinner? Await Mom, Don't make my mom s

spk_2:   14:17
o. I just want people to understand that like there are tips and tricks and things that you can do to make it so much easier. It's still have good food. Like my food doesn't always look beautiful. It doesn't like it's not hard to make a look beautiful that sometimes your goal is just feeding the low people. Okay, in my belt fouls in yourself, for that matter, you know? So, um, I just want to understand that it doesn't have to be hard. It can save you so much money. And when you learn some of these ticks, ticks, tips and tricks, it doesn't have to be hard like that can be very simple in ST Streamline. Yes, it takes a little bit of planning, but it doesn't have to, like, eat up hours and hours of your week to do it.

spk_1:   14:55
Yeah, definitely. So what's the like experience level for this course? Because I saw, um, some stuff on social media or something, somewhere where there were, like, four easy meals that you could make. It was like for people who never cooked before in their quarantined, and they're like, I can eat soup like that's my option, you know, So like, is that like this this kind of for that experience level to a fairly they've never cooked before. They're like crap. Now what radio? Or is it more like you generally have been cooking for a little bit.

spk_2:   15:25
I would say that you need to, like, you need to know, like the basics. You need to know how to cut your vegetables. You need to know howto like brown meat how to use your oven. But like I mean at home. Unless I'm entertaining, I don't do anything crazy. And off the whole Who has time for that during Yuck. You know, like, really, I don't get home from work. We just have one car right now. Now that we've bought this new one way, just have one car. So I'm the one doing drop off in the morning, pick up after work and coming home and then making dinner. And, like, I don't get home to almost six. I don't want to spend an hour and 1/2 making dinner. Yeah, so this stuff is like it doesn't take a ton of time, and it doesn't take a ton of skill. Oh, I'm not asking you to like tornado your potatoes, which most people watching this con going to know what that is? Yeah. It's like, OK, using French cuisine that, like you might find out, like the French Laundry by Thomas Keller in California. That's about it. Like you're not gonna goto like Applebee's and get it. So, you know, we're not focusing on super fancy, but I want you to be able to make food for your family. Um, that is just nourishing for one. Like, you're not just pulling like, frozen pizzas up, brother Fraser, don't get me wrong. We'll do it sometimes. Like, but if you're wanting, like, future family real food, um, no preservatives, whatever. Um, this is perfect for you, especially if it's something that you're not used to doing all the time. Because you're not quarantined with kids all the time. Yeah,

spk_1:   16:56
awesome. Um, and oh, I just lost another question. Uh, brain far. Yep. I totally lost it. So Oh, I remember Tell me about, like, your other business that, like, kind of this course leads into because I feel like that kind of helps give the little bit more context as to why this is like a really helpful course too.

spk_2:   17:20
So I started at my business called Whisk Management. Um, and it is to really help you learn how to cook, learn how to bake. I offer meal planning. If you don't want to do the planning part, Um, you just want to say, like, what am I making? Where My grocery, Um, that is also something that I do there. Everything is virtual so especially with this quarantine right now with coronavirus. Like, if you wanna learn howto like Bake a cake by all means, like you can hire me, I'll teach you how to make the cake. But it's all virtual will use. I haven't 100% decided what format I like the best. Um, streamers really great. Um, I've done it via Zoom. Zoom has limits on it if you are not paying for it. So but we'll just do to base dreaming. And that way I can show you how, uh, and teach you and guide you while you're doing in your kitchen. Because where else are you more comfortable? You're comfortable in your kitchen. I don't like cooking in other people's kitchens because I don't know where anything is. Uh, so that's kind of like where I got the idea to do. It was like I don't necessarily want to do it. We're feel safe going to other people's kitchens just cause I don't know them. But this way you still get to do stuff indoor home, and I can show you because I have the expertise and I am able to say, Okay, now you want to do this and, um, you know, you'll know you're done one and it looks like this, but it's like step by step guidance right there were you so, uh, got a lot of options for that meal planning. If you want just dinners planned. Cool. If you want breakfast, lunch and dinner of cool. You know, we can definitely talk about it Moving Maur into doing customized plans for people because, you know, a lot of people have different dietary restrictions. So, um, originally was gonna do a membership. But that's kind of I've realized that people are wanting more space like specified things than just what everybody's getting. So

spk_1:   19:20
yeah, away. So let just, like, clarify and differentiate like your business from the course. So what exactly If someone's like okay, I'm loving all the things you're saying and I definitely want to know more about you. And I definitely help with mealtime when they sign up for the corps. Still, time made easy. What exactly are they like? What tools resource is are they going to get from this course? That's gonna change the way mealtime goes for their

spk_2:   19:44
house. Okay, so one thing that we're gonna start off with is we're going to learn how to take an inventory of what you already have, because if you don't know what you have, you don't know what you have to shop for. I

spk_1:   19:58
skipped it up every time. I

spk_2:   20:02
I'm not great about doing it like super detail every time. But like your first time is gonna be the hardest, because you you know, you have all this stuff that maybe you don't know. What is it, like, shoved in back your cover like, let's be honest, how many of us have canned goods in our cabinets from, like, five years ago? Yeah. Not good anymore. Thrown out. You know, everybody's got that random and they get shoved in the back that you never see. So, uh, you know, we will go over taking an inventory of what you have and then evaluating that what your needs are for your family. So maybe your family has, like, a peanut allergy or a gluten intolerance. You know, obviously you want to plan around that. So you're not gonna go buy a loaf of, you know, country wheat bread because somebody in your family can eat it. So we'll go over that, um, we'll also talk about how to, like, assemble meals. And, um, you know, for us Ah, lot of times I'll just do a protein and a veggie or a protein and a grain, because my daughter doesn't need that much. And my husband doesn't like leftovers, so I don't make a huge meal every night. Now, if you have a bigger family or if your kids eat a lot, maybe you just have, like a 13 year old son. Like for your husband.

spk_1:   21:21
You need seven servings of dinner,

spk_2:   21:24
right? Right, You know, by all means like, but this is going to teach you to customize it for you and for your family. What's up about planning your, uh, different meals? We'll start with breakfast because breakfast is super easy. There's a lot of really good options for bulk planning your breakfasts. You can, you know, make one or two things. And the last you all week, which is awesome, because who has time in the morning to make pancakes? Every morning. We all wish we did. I e you get a cup of coffee, so, uh, we will go over there, and then we're actually gonna skip to dinner. Um, we're gonna skip lunch for the time being. We're gonna do dinner because you could make your lunch is out of your leftovers from your dinners. I think that's the easiest way. When we do the lunch day, we'll talk about that a little bit more to you if you prefer to have different things, which is totally fine. But I think a lot of people tend to take leftovers for lunch. So and then we'll talk about, like, just how we can used them. Tips and tricks to I know. I don't know if your legs friends or follow people on Facebook who are like into fitness. Um, I was in the beach body world for a little while, and I still follow a lot of people on there. I am not a coach for them anymore. But a lot of them like, Oh, it's meal prep Sunday and they take four hours on Sunday to meal prep. I don't want to take four hours on any day to meal prep. Yeah, so, you know, we've got families like we have a lot of us have young kids, and I know with your mom's of heart, um, groups that they also our moms with special needs kids so you don't necessarily have four hours to take thio plan. All live your feet for the week. So I'm gonna be sharing a lot of tips and tricks on how you can maximize your efficiency so that you can make dinner later in the week much easier. So it stuff it takes maybe 10 to 15 minutes more max, But later in the week, it's gonna save you 30 minutes. So I am all about being more efficient and taking less time to do that. Yeah,

spk_1:   23:28
love it. Awesome. Okay, so we will have a link ready. Uh, if you want a hand first course right now, uh, common in the comments, like starting me up. If you're watching this on replay, give us a hash tag replay. Um, and there should be a link in the description of this video to go ahead and just kind up. If there is, not yet. Then just go ahead and say, Sign me up and we'll get you the details. Um, and we're playing a game this week. Sierra in the community where if they're watching all the lives, um, Thio about the Newports is coming out to prove that they watch the lives they get interested to a raffle. So to prove it, I need a random question that they're gonna have to answer to, like, prove that they watch this video. So I need a random question since

spk_2:   24:18
I'm sitting at the car dealership. Yeah. Just what is your dream car?

spk_1:   24:23
Love it. Okay. Hey. So what's a dream car if you're watching this video posted on the comments about the incident to our raffle to win a free course in our academy launch next week. So if you want to take this course for free, just tell us what your favorite car is, and you're good to go. All right. Well, they do so much Sierra. It was great chatting with you, and I can't wait for your course.

spk_2:   24:44
Yeah. Thank you. I appreciate it. Thank

spk_1:   24:47
you. Bye. All right, you guys, seriously, if you need help with meal time figuring out the grocery shopping all the like, you're just, like, stressed about your family eating all the time. You need to sign it for this course. So we'll get you all the details. We can't wait to have you in this. Um, thank you so much for watching and stay tuned for more. Thanks. Bye.

spk_0:   25:08
Thanks so much you're cheating in today. I hope you've enjoyed this episode. Keep listening for more in this series about the different courses available and the authentic Sisterhood Academy. As always, you can go check them out. Authentic sisterhood academy dot com. And I love to connect with you on social media. My handle pretty much everywhere is authentic sisterhood. I'm mostly on Facebook and Instagram. I'd love to connect with you and learn more about you and your story and your journey to chasing joy. If you are enjoying these episodes, if you could do me a favor and hit the subscribe but end than that, we'll get notified. Then next time in episode drops and as always. If you love this podcast, your friends might too. So be sure and tell them about it. Have a joyful day,

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The Mini Work Smarter not Harder Gardening Course
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